The environment is the system formed by natural and artificial elements that are interrelated and are modified by human action. This is the environment that determines the way of life of society and that includes natural, social and cultural values that exist in a given place and time.

Living beings, soil, water, air, physical man-made objects and symbolic elements (including traditions, for example) make up the environment. The conservation of this is essential for sustainable life for present and future generations.

It could be said the environment includes physical factors (like climatology and geology), biologic (human populations, water, flora and fauna) and socioeconomical (economic activity, urbanization, social conflicts).

Ecosystem is known as the set of all biotic factors of an area and the abiotic factors of the environment. The ecosystem is a living community of interrelated beings with life processes.

Ecology is another notion related to the environment, because it is the discipline that studies the relationship between living beings and their environment. An ecological behavior protects environmental resources to ensure the present and future of the living subsistence

All these definitions are very present in the working philosophy of BALINI Engineering and Consulting, and the proof is some of our work on the Environment, which can be consulted in the jobs section of our website.
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