According to the sectors in which BALINI develops its activities, mainly dominated by the technology at the service of the society, the leadership of BALINI understands that a correct management shows R&D&i (Research, Development and Innovation) represents an essential priority in order to fulfill the new social demands, and boost our business competitiveness.

“This is why the research, the development and the technologic innovation represent now one of the basic pillars in which the strategy of BALINI is based, and indeed should be in the future, as another way for ensure the success of our business.”

BALINI counts on an Innovation Management Service certified by standard UNE 16002:2006, which help us to rationalize and systematize all our activities of R&D&i.

Our company pretends to be a model that places the innovation, the progress in the use of technology, the knowledge and environmental protection as center of its growth as a company, wishing to make of BALINI a more attractive company that offers the best levels of satisfaction to clients, partners and employees.

BALINI is supported by the development of the experience and the know-how of its teams. (Innovation Management System Standar UNE 16002:2006)

For this purpose, BALINI seeks to improve the capacity and flexibility of its employees trying to innovate constantly our management systems, supporting the development of the experience and the know-how of our teams, maintaining, in parallel, an ethical principles that help us to evaluate the social implications, the health and security, equal opportunities, environment and sustainable development when conducts any commercial transaction or business.

These ethical principles are based on:

  • Promoting fair competition and the spirit of collaboration as in subcontractors, partners and suppliers, as in employees and also competitors.
  • Placing our employees in the strategic center of our achievements, creating full development conditions of their professional potential.
  • Performing all our activity with the maximum standars of integrity, applicable in any area in the world.
  • Offering the maximum transparency in the internal information of the company that we provide to the investors, clients and employees.


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