The main task of BALINI is to contribute to the technologic and economic progress, social welfare and sustainable development of the markets that it operates.

We focus our activity in society through a sustainable and viable business management model, which provides additional value to all its groups of interests, applying innovation, technical development and excellence in execution, to all activities that develops the different business lines.

“Our diversification and continual growth, as well as the great value of it human team, permits it to provide an integral service, professional and based on the total quality.”


To maintain an integrated and diversified team which functions as a reference for society, that walks towards the sustainable development aware that the new social needs, for build a better future, ensuring to take responsible decisions in all our activities and ensuring the satisfaction of all our groups of interest.

With theses main goals, BALINI pursues its consolidation as leader business, strongly competitive, in continous growth and international presence. Making the difference because of the quality, innovation and respect for the environment in all its activities, BALINI provides its compromise and security to its clients, a solid horizont of professional and personal development to its employees and a positive contribution to the society.


• Reliability:

BALINI bases its relationships with all its groups of interest delivering on its commitments acquired and on of the fullfilment of the established objectives. Its trayectory, management and daily work are guarantees of compromise and security to its clients, shareholders, employees and suppliers.

Commitment and effort:

Implication and commitment with the main tasks of the business, proffesional loyalty and dedication to the work are identity signs in all the people which work in BALINI.

• Orientation to the customer:

BALINI pursues the full satisfaction of its customers trying to anticipate to all its needs and overcoming its expectatives.

• Solvency:

counts on a proved capacity of application of the most efficient and advanced technology in the development of its activities. A team of high qualified professionals and constantly incorporation of the best techniques permit to the company to offer highly competitive solutions in quality, costs, time, efficiency and sustainability.


BALINI consider the innovation as the engine of progress and guarantee of the future. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company becames in an urge of overcoming that always has ruled its strategies of diversification on the sectors where it is present. Furthermore, the investment on R+D+I is one of the strategic bets of the organization.

Care for the environment:

On the company we are fully aware with the environment and we believe that is our work to support the society on its objectives of conduct activities environmentally compatibles.


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