Integrated Project Management
Integrated Project Management
The Integrated Management Project has been widely development during last years. Until 1970, both the concept and the term were practically unknown; however, nowadays, the Integrated Management Project has matured and has led to a set of techniques and disciplines which, used properly, lead to the gaining of a project.

That project is understood as the "combination of human and material resources, in a certain period, in order to achieve a specific objective.

This new technology is today transcendent in the complex world of the realization of all kind of projects.

Its application to construction projects, for example, has achieved, finally, to make a change in it, and goes from simply craft to a secure and reliable industry.

BALINI is aware of:

“The Integrated Management Projects (IMP) is the process which enables all efforts in order to optimize the necessary resources to achieve the level of efficiency, effectiveness and the expected benefits with the execution of a project.”

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